CPAY Foundation ICO Digest

As of December 2022 CPAY Foundation LTD has decided to extend the repayment term as per CPAY Terms & Conditions for an additional five years (under paragraph 3.8 of the T&C).

What this means is that you, as a tokenholder, have two options.

Option 1. If you would like to receive liquidity now – please send us your tokens before 31 December 2022 to receive the remainder of the referral reward based on the residual fair value of the CPAY token of 0.0362 USDT per 1 CPAY.
*The CPAY Foundation wallet address is 0x78f810fd0f4dc5247061732f65500c0a6fd5d422. To receive the reward properly, please send your CPAY tokens from your own non-custodial ETH wallet, not the exchange or custodial wallet.

Option 2. If the settlement proposal is not something you’re comfortable with and you wish to continue receiving monthly referral payments, please rest assured that CPAY Foundation LTD will continue to pay them (as calculated under paragraphs 3.10 and 3.11 of the T&C) at least until 1 January 2028 or, if this happens sooner, until the Total Principal Loan Amount is paid in full (under paragraph 3.9 of the T&C).

Finally, for anyone who's already sent their tokens and obtained the residual fair value of the CPAY token but now wishes to continue to receive monthly referral payments – we welcome you to contact us at [email protected] until 31 January 2023. We will explain how to return the residual fair value of the CPAY token in exchange for the amount of CPAY tokens sent previously.

Please note that the extension notice (under paragraph 3.8 of the T&C) is considered to be served to all tokenholders at the moment of publication of this information at website on 21 December 2022.